Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card


Multiculturalism was identified through stakeholder consultation as being a key value for a healthy Darwin Harbour. Efforts were made to develop indicators to assess multiculturalism; however, a useful indicator could not be identified for this assessment. Opportunities exist to include indicators for this value in future report cards. However, the Northern Territory Government recently released a Multicultural Policy (2020-25) that contains key objectives to support and build upon NT’s rich history of multiculturism. Key objectives and their associated outcomes are: 

  1. Building our diversity
  2. Strengthening our partnerships
  3. Supporting participation, social inclusion and cohesion in our community
  4. Strengthening our communities.

These offer opportunities to develop progress indicators for future report card assessments.



"Parap Markets - Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia" by Geoff Whalan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


Work with the NT Government to develop Darwin Harbour-specific indicators to assess progress with the Multicultural Policy for the NT 2020–2025.