Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card

Healthy Ecosystems and Landscapes

Healthy ecosystems and landscapes were identified through stakeholder consultation as being a key value for a healthy Darwin Harbour. Healthy ecosystems and landscapes have been assessed in the catchment and harbour using two indicators – catchment disturbance index and mangrove area change. Data were sourced from NT DEPWS.

Information on the indicators used to assess this value can be found below:

Catchment Disturbance Index

Mangrove Area Change

"Mangroves - Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Darwin, NT, Australia" by Geoff Whalan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


Implement water-sensitive urban design practices in Darwin CBD and Rapid Creek regions, where catchment condition was assessed as poor to very poor, to reduce impacts to water quality. Continue to refine mangrove area monitoring to improve confidence in results.