Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card


Biodiversity was identified through stakeholder consultation as being a key value for a healthy Darwin Harbour. Although there have been numerous studies on the harbour and catchment’s biodiversity, there is currently no systematic monitoring of flora and fauna that could be used in this assessment. Opportunities exist to include indicators for this value in future report cards.

"Red-Winged Parrot (male) - Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia" by Geoff Whalan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Indicators considered to assess biodiversity

Stakeholders identified a variety of potential indicators related to biodiversity throughout workshops in Darwin Harbour, including those found in the word cloud to the right. Although they weren't included in the current iteration of the report card, these were agreed upon as important indicators for assessing the health of Darwin Harbour.


Urgent need for systematic and ongoing biodiversity monitoring programs in the harbour and catchment. Opportunities were identified through this project to partner in the future with Indigenous rangers, biosecurity departments and volunteer groups to assist in collecting this information.