Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card


Darwin Harbour 2021 Integrated Report Card

The Darwin Harbour Advisory Committee is working towards producing a collaborative, transparent, and cross-sectoral vision for Darwin Harbour. This first integrated report card is designed to support this vision and will track the overall health of the Darwin Harbour region over time. The report card will inform and support management and the community in working towards a sustainable Darwin Harbour for future generations of all people in this magnificent region.

Stakeholder Workshop Summary Newsletter

This newsletter summarizes outputs from the initial stakeholder workshop to develop an integrated assessment for Darwin Harbour. The workshop took place on the week of 16 March 2020 in Darwin, Australia. Stakeholders from government, industry, academia, Indigenous communities, and NGO’s gathered in Darwin to identify values. The workshop included meeting with members of the Indigenous community, held outdoors at Wagait Beach.

Towards Integrated Reporting For Darwin Harbour

Introductory video outlining the vision and beginnings of the Darwin Harbour Integrated Report Card.

A vision for an Integrated Darwin Harbour Report Card

This newsletter outlines a vision for a Darwin Harbour Report Card that would compare ecological, social, and/or economic information about Darwin Harbour against predefined goals or objectives. Similar to a school report card, a Darwin Harbour Report Card would provide performance-driven numeric grades that reflect the health of Darwin Harbour on a regular basis. A Darwin Harbour Report Card would join the ranks of other successful report cards such as for the Mississippi River, Great Barrier Reef, South-east Queensland, Orinoco River, and Chesapeake Bay.