Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card

Future Generations

Future generations represents the current and future employment, training and two-way engagement opportunities in the Darwin Harbour and catchment. Information for this indicator was collected in 2020 via a survey of 50 Indigenous representatives living within the Darwin Harbour catchment. Survey questions covered topics relating to the value placed on cultural knowledge within and outside Indigenous communities, availability of jobs, two-way consultation and recognition of the value of their knowledge of country.

Scoring method

All survey questions had the same five response options which were scored accordingly: strongly disagree (0), disagree (25), neutral (50), agree (75), and strongly agree (100) - which matched the standardised 0-100 report card scoring scale. Responses to questions were averaged and reported by category: i) cultural knowledge, ii) employability, and iii) two-way consultation.


Future generations received a good grade (B), reflecting survey responses that cultural knowledge is still practiced within the community and being passed onto children. While most respondents agreed that they had access to job training programs, few agreed that there were enough jobs in their community. Respondents mostly disagreed that their opinions were taken into account when government or other stakeholders make decisions, and less than half agreed that they were recognised for their knowledge of country.