Darwin Harbour
Integrated Report Card

Domestic Solar Power Usage

The percentage of residential dwellings with solar panel installations in 2020 were assessed by postcode in the Darwin Harbour catchment, and a goal set for 50% of the dwellings to have solar installations. Data were sourced through the Australian PV Institute.

Source: https://pv-map.apvi.org.au/postcode

Photo of solar panel on Paspaley Charles Darwin Centre. Source: Country Solar NT

Scoring method

Solar installations were assessed by post code, which were averaged for each reporting region.

In order to standardise the reporting scale across all indicators, the percentage of domestic solar installations for each postcode within the Darwin Harbour catchment was converted to a 0-100 report card scale using the relationship shown in this graph. This conversion makes the assumption that 50% or greater of dwelling installations in a post code equals a 100% report card grade, and an installation of 0% equals a 0% report card grade.


The percentage of domestic solar installations within the Darwin Harbour catchment received a poor grade (D). There were higher installation rates in the eastern catchment (between 30-40% of residential dwellings), compared to installations in the central (10-20%) and western (0-10%) parts of the catchment.